New Features That Apple has Added

From now on, Apple Music will play any Plays For Apple Music Artist you give it. It will choose an artist for you and that will play music for you from the artist’s catalog. So, if you are one of those artists who have had releases available on iTunes, now you can get those songs playing on Apple Music as well.

As soon as the Apple Music service launched, everyone wants to know what types of music is being played on it. There were rumors about it playing new releases and the old ones from your Apple Music library. At first, those rumors proved to be true. But, those things were later debunked. You can also get more information about

People would try to access their previous playlists on the service. The program got hacked with rogue code and could only access your downloads on your computer.

It is clear that Apple is focused on adding music into their service as much as possible and the Play for Apple Music Artist feature makes that possible. It is all about users uploading their own content into the program. Users can choose any artist they like and they will be notified when the artist gets new music that they may have overlooked.

Now, Apple has taken another step in making their Music service more robust by allowing users to upload entire playlists and play any genre of music that they wish to. You can select from your own favorites, or you can allow Apple to recommend your own genre.

However, because Apple is using a user submitted database of music, the lists are not vetted before they are made available. This means that you may be listening to songs you never want to hear again.

Yes, as a songwriter, you have the ability to submit your favorite music for Apple to play and even add to the playlist. You can be assured that Apple will never play any songs that they cannot approve. The top twenty most listened to are listed and you can help Apple narrow down the genres of music that they play on Apple Music. Learn more information about

It is important to note that if you have an account on iTunes, you should still add new songs to that database so that it may be included in the Play for Apple Music Artist feature. Not doing so may result in your music not being available on the service.

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