Lribe Color Label Printer

The Lribe color label printer is designed to print high quality color labels with exceptional clarity and impact. The dye-sublimation technology employed provides ultimate printing results, providing long-lasting quality performance even after printing on the material. In addition, the printers incorporate automatic setup and print tray control for ease of use.

The Lribe color label printer is ideal for up to 1600 x 1600 dpi printable width labels. The printer offers high definition color printing on board, with optional card reader and printer support for data acquisition. The printouts can be achieved in single file or in multiple by using the convenient “multi-printing” option. The printer supports multi-color operations, including RGB, CMYK, grayscale, and duotone.

The new printer series from Lribe boasts exceptional performance with full-color LED touch screens and smart functionality for easy color label printing and customization. With a host of industry-specific, third-party application solutions and printer drivers included, the printers can support advanced software packages including XFCE, AutoCAD, and Photoshop. In addition, it comes with built-in document management and correction features for total printing success. The printer supports a wide range of ink technologies including mono-colour, poly-urethane, poly-lactic, thermoform, and premium matte materials for optimal label durability and longevity. Visit here epson c3500 labels for more information.

The Lribe printers are ideal for printing labels in a variety of applications such as point of sale, point of purchase, electronic and RFID, industrial, and pharmaceutical. It is designed for ease of use, with easy-to-follow setup options and powerful printing capabilities that meet the needs of a wide range of industries. The printers are available in single and multiple unit models, depending on the requirements. Some of the popular features of the Lribe color label printers include:

A fully automated process makes it possible to create high-quality, full-color label images and print them out in just a few seconds. With a fully automatic process, the printer can produce labels for point of sale, electronic, and RFID transactions in less than a second. A high-speed connectivity system and full-speed printouts ensure quick results for label creation, print runs, and quality color outputs.

The compact design and high-performance capabilities of the Lribe color label printer are ideal for a range of printing applications. It has an adjustable, durable, and lightweight construction that is ideal for desktop or handheld operation. It has high-speed connectivity and can handle high volume print runs in just a few seconds. It uses the latest technologies and a full suite of printing controls for optimal performance. It is also capable of printing in full-color CMYK and Pantone formats.

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